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Well first off it’s an iconest community. There are plenty of those running around LiveJournal these days, but this one is a tad different than most. You have the usual communities that want you to make anywhere from one icon a week, to 100 in a month. Some follow set fandoms such as Sailor Moon [at sm100] or even your choice in fandom while creating 26 icons, one for each letter of the alphabet [at icon_alphabet].

This community however will have you make 5 icons each week you participate. You can choose from any fandom (tv, anime, comic books etc.), so long as all 5 icons fall under the same category.

There will be themes to follow such as colors or words/phrases posted with each week’s challenge/submission post that one or all of your icons will have to represent.

Sound interesting? Well read the rest of the community info and see if you still want to join.


-- In other words you can’t choose to make icons from Clueless (movie), and then have an icon of Alicia Silverstone from a photoshoot (Actress), it needs to be using characters/images from your chosen theme.
-- In Addition to this, you should only be making icons from the specific fandom you've chosen, this does not include any sequels or spin-offs, unless of course it's the spin-off/sequel that you've chosen as your fandom that week
-- You cannot choose all of the Harry Potter movies as ONE CLAIM. [ Each movie stands alone as a seperate claim ] You will need to choose which of the 4 movies you want to use. However if you chose Harry Potter (as a character) within the movie, you may include images of Harry Potter from any of the films. This is the ONLY way around this.
-- As a secondary section to the statement above, choosing someone as a character does not mean that you will be able to grab pictures of their appearances in things outside the genre.
example: Fandom: Batman (character), Category: Animated Series/Cartoon.
Do: include images from the Batman cartoon series this can include Justice League (Unlimited), Batman Beyond, and even the newest version The Batman.
Don't: include images/art from DVD box covers, fanart, or images of any of the live-action Batman incarnations.

Every good community has rules that need to be followed, this community won’t be any different. Don’t worry, there aren’t many.
1[one] First off, you have to join in order to participate in the challenges.
2[two] Each icon must fit LiveJournal’s icon specifications ( no larger than 40k and must be within 100x100 pixels )
3[three] Please be sure to make sure you read the weekly challenge post carefully. If you have any questions about it, ask.
4[four] When submitting your icons to the challenge please follow this guideline.
Category: (Movie, Music, TV, Celeb)
Fandom: (Harry Potter, Desperate Housewives)
Icon Themes: (Number the icons and say which theme they fall under. This is for voting purposes)
5[five] This one is important for people choosing anime, video games and cartoons. Please do not use any doujins or fanart in your icons. Even if the art was done by yourself, please do not include it.
6[six]When voting begins, if you submitted icons you must vote in the poll, otherwise your icons will be disqualified that week. Obviously you can’t vote for your own icons either.
7[seven] Don’t use icons you’ve made before, the whole point of this is for you to get your creative juices flowing, not to use icons you’ve made months ago.
8[eight] No advertising what so ever. Posts of this nature will be deleted.

See, that wasn’t so bad was it?


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A very Special Thank You to thesilentsenshi for helping me get this community off the ground. YOU ROCK!